Monday, June 16, 2008

just another monday

oh my, what's this? a spread of fruits and tea sandwiches laid out as a simple afternoon snack? why thank work office manager fairy, i do think i will partake in one or 12 of these delightful little snacks.

Friday, June 6, 2008

the luckiest little girl

the birth of my niece has been a highly emotional experience for me. not only is she my sweet, perfect little niece, but she is my brother's daughter. my big brother's daughter. yes, he has a son (again, perfection doesn't begin to describe that little boy), but that is different. 2 stinky boys being boys. seeing that brand new little girl look up in her old soul way at her father, my brother, filled me with more love and peace than i could ever begin to harness.

my brother is a complex guy. he is angst ridden, sweet, an asshole, humble, kind, patient, impatient, moody, grounded, brilliant, perplexing, resolved, loyal, beautiful, passionate, competitive, goofy, introspective, learned, forthright, frustrated, bold, and quite possibly, next to my lil peanut, the purest and most true love of my life.

I grew up with a big brother who saw me as perfect. he inspired me to take risks, to appreciate myself and to respect. he kept me safe, he kept me laughing, and he kept me close to his heart. i am/was the luckiest little sister.

my niece is now the luckiest daughter. i do know, that without a doubt, my niece is going to teach my brother more about himself than anyone ever could. as a big brother, a husband , and now a father to a perfect little girl, my niece is going to cut right through him. she is going to see him as only a daughter could. he will be putty in her hands -- the purest and most true love of his life. and, in return, she will grow up to be a magnificent woman because she had him as a father.