Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Theory

I have a theory that whatever image (or lack thereof) is on your desktop is the true lens into your soul. I have tropical, deserted island scene with clear water and 3 single palm trees. My soul is:
  • Hot
  • Uninhabitable
  • Sparse
  • Void of reality
  • ...and yet still alluring

Reader, i ask you: are you a tropical, deserted island or a moonscape? are you a grassy knoll or a wintry wonderland...?

(dang. i need a hobby. or less work.)


mamalizza said...

mine's a bamboo forest - my soul's asian!

Xmastime said...

mines this


andtheend. said...

mine is a photo of a large white dog wearing a lifejacket. hmmm.

rrthur said...

mine's my kid. my soul is:

* wet most of the time
* unable to live alone
* chatty
* void of reality
* ... and yet still learning (at a snail's pace)

btw, my new (er) blog:


watty said...

hmmm, mine is the vacant, microsoft blue screen...good lord, i have no soul