Wednesday, September 24, 2008


why when there are 5+ stalls in a bathroom (all of them EMPTY) does a woman come and sit in the one right next to you?

and then busts ass.

logged as pet peeve #672.


Xmastime said...

if they're all empty, where are you sitting?

HAHAHAAHA!! did you shit your brains out too, LF? you've been hit by 80s synchpoop stars Spandau BaZZZZZZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZINGETTY ZING ZINGER!!! tell a friend.

Flitting off into the night,

Xmastime said...

anyone else catch the "logged" pun?

TheGirlWho said...

the worst is when you're embarrassed for them - try to get outta there as quickly as possible to avoid awkward sink confrontation - but they exit their stall at the same time as you... so you hafta wash hands together, avoiding eye contact, all the while pretending like you can't smell what she just did. Jesus, at least have the dignity to stay in your fucking stall until you hear me leave the bathroom.